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The story van Jolanda van den Berg

In 1995 Jolanda van den Berg, at the time 30 years old, went to Peru on vacation. While in Cusco, the old Inca capital, she was stricken by the smarting circumstances in which many children had to live. In primitive hovels, often without a father or with a father with a drinking problem and a mother totally unable to take care  of them. The children were often left to take care of themselves.

Young children  roam the streets all day long in order to shark up a meal. They structurally met with ‘domestic’ violence and are totally neglected in all aspects of life.

Once back in the Netherlands Jolanda could not forget what she had seen, Six months later she therefore decided to leave hearth and home and take domicile in Cusco, without a structural plan, without any money and without speaking a word of Spanish, but with the intention to help children and with the firm conviction that she would succeed.

Meanwhile she more than fulfilled this aim.

In the first instance Jolanda literally picked twelve boys from the street to take care of them.
The youth court magistrate gave her parental control until their eighteenth birthday so then they could be a family.

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